Big Days Ahead!

Big Days Ahead!

My husband always tells me that I love a "big day." What he is really saying is that I love to be busy and I really love to get as much into a day as I can. This is true, I do love a "big day." 

What translates into a "big day" at Sugar Babies is an event. We try to host an event each month and some months we end up with multiple events. When I think about what I want for Sugar Babies, I always come back to the same things: desirable merchandise, a welcoming atmosphere, somewhere you and your kids can both enjoy, and a place that we can offer fun and memorable experiences. 

I have worked on our calendar of events for a few weeks trying to make sure everything is just like I want it to be. We have some "big days" ahead with things both you and your children will be able to enjoy. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on everything that is happening.

Upcoming Events:

March 15-16: Livie & Luca Spring/Summer Trunk Show
March 16: T.B.B.C. Sip & See
March 30: Pastel Portraits by Donna McMahon
April 6: 2nd Anniversary Celebration
April 13: NC Pickle Festival


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