Black Friday Will Be Here Soon!

Meghan Best

The chaos of Black Friday will soon be here. My mom, aunt, cousin and I were always die hard Black Friday shoppers. We would get up at the crack of dawn to stand in line for things we did not "need" just for fun. It was a day we would spend together, shopping, laughing and making memories. Don't get me wrong we always scored awesome bargains and got a ton of Christmas shopping done, but we also had fun together. Since we have had children, it has been more difficult to get out on those early shopping adventures. I still enjoy the hype of Black Friday and getting the paper on Thanksgiving Day to see all of the great bargains.

We will be open on Black Friday from 10-6 to give you time to go grab all those electronics bargains and items we don't carry. Make sure you plan to stop by though because we will have awesome bargains too. I have special inventory coming in just for Black Friday that we don't typically stock and it will be priced at Black Friday pricing too!

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