How is it already September?

How is it already September?

Where does the time go? I have always heard the older you get the faster time goes by. I believe it and I believe it moves even faster after you have kids. I'm not sure days actually complete anymore. It's more like a never ending cycle that just repeats. 

I feel like 2018 just started and Lily just turned one. Now she's 19 months old and it's 16 weeks until Christmas. In my previous life the first quarter of the year was my busy season. I would be winding down by now and planning a nice vacation for Will and me. In current life, I've been buying personal Christmas presents for two months because I know once fourth quarter hits my life will be an out of body experience. 

I was not prepared for retail fourth quarter last year, personally or at the store. This year I will be though, or at least I'm giving it my all. I've been stocking the shelves and racks and have more to be delivered to make sure we have everything you need to make your holidays smooth.

My goal is to be the one place you have to come to take care of all of your little one's Christmas wishes. We will have a store full to choose from, smiling faces  to help you and beautiful packaging so your gifts are ready when you walk out the door. 

Don't worry, you don't have to start thinking about it now. I've been thinking about it for you. First, let's have a Fall Festival and a Halloween Party, then we can look for Santa Claus. I hope we'll see you soon!

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