I forgot to pack bows!

Meghan Best

Lily and I made an impromptu weekend trip to the beach since Will was out of town and I didn't have to work at the store. I packed her cute outfits, sun hats to match and I thought everything we would need. We made it to the beach and I was preparing her outfit for the next day and realized I only had the red gingham bow that she had worn on the trip. How could I own a children's store and have over 8' of bows hanging on the wall and I have ONE bow for my daughter to wear for 3 days (a red gingham one at that)? 

Moral of the story, don't let this happen to you! I have already decided we will be buying a white, grey, and pink (spare) bow to keep in her diaper bag from now on. We made it work, but next time we will be prepared.

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