Packing and Traveling with a Child

Packing and Traveling with a Child

We took our first family trip out of the country last week. It was a great time! Lily was amazing to be only two. Most people thought we were crazy taking her with us, but it turned out to be a trip we will never forget.

I learned a few things from packing and entertaining a toddler on the go.

1. Polly Play dresses by The Beaufort Bonnet Company were made for travel. She wore one each day and they were great for an easy and stylish outfit.

2. Melissa & Doug on the go items, such as Water Wows, ColorBlasts and Stickers Pads are worth all $5. She colored for hours and was entertained without much effort.

3. Stephen Joseph Beach Bags are worth every penny of the $24. Each morning as we would prepare for our day on the beach or at the pool I would pack my bag and then I would pack Lily's bag with her sunscreen, toys, hat and towel and then she could carry her own items and feel like a big girl.

4. Wee Ones Bows are amazing. I literally shoved about 15 bows in her bag, because I packed at the last minute, and you couldn't even tell. All I did was unpack them and put them in her hair and they looked perfect!

5. Footmates sandals are my favorite. The ease of getting them on and off with the velcro closure and the way they look on the foot, plus the versatile color made them our go to shoe. She wore them every single day we were gone and was even able to put them on by herself. 

6. Rufflebutts and Hatley swimwear are amazing! Each style we wore had long sleeves and UPF 50 for sun protection. Of course, I still applied sunscreen, but knowing she had that extra protection all day in the sun made me feel much better.

7. Real Shades are perfect for little faces and sunny days. She wore her color changing sunglasses everyday and loved them. They were easy to pack and easy to wear.

8. Memories are precious and clothes can be replaced. Let them be happy, eat ice cream and dance all night. I'm so glad we had this experience and will cherish the memories we made.

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