Sweet Summertime at Sugar Babies!

Sweet Summertime at Sugar Babies!

I love summertime at Sugar Babies! The first part of the year I spend a lot of time planning the later part of the year. I'm a planner by nature. I may not always follow my plan, but I like to know that I did take the time to come up with one. This summer and the remainder of the year I have a lot of great things planned.

We kickoff summer with my favorite event of the year, The Princess Party. This year we will have 8 princesses and more fun than ever before. I have already ordered all of the party favors, reserved the time with the princesses and have started making sure everyone knows where to be on June 22.

After the Princess Party, comes Super Star Saturday. We will be hosting 6 of everyone's favorite characters on July 20 for an afternoon of fun. 

After all of our summer parties, it's time for the Back to School Bash. Don't worry this year's theme is a special celebration for a very special show and character that we all know and love. Sesame Street is celebrating 50 years and we're going to celebrate with Elmo on August 17. We will have great giveaways and Sesame Street themed items to make sure the party is the most fun for your kids.

The parties are the fun part of the planning. I also plan for our Fall season to launch and for Spring/Summer of the following year. Starting in July and August, Lizzy and I begin buying for Spring/Summer next year. If you see me and I don't know what day, season, or month it is just know it's because my brain is in a completely different season than my body. In Fall, you will see a few new brands making their way into the store that I think you will love. I have a few more in mind for Spring that I'll be working on in July. If you have something in mind that you would love to see, just fill out our contact form and I'll take a look. 

Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram and also spend some time on our website. There are a few other events planned that we will be announcing soon too. I cannot express how thankful and humbled I am with the amount of followers, interactions and views we receive across all platforms. I also have a couple of exciting things I am working on for our website. Stay tuned and I cannot wait to see all of you this summer!

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