Stegosaurus - Plush

Melissa & Doug

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Stegosaurus - Plush

The mighty Stegosaurus, with its signature shield-like plates on its back, will lumber its way into young dinosaur lovers' hearts! The boldly colored red, black, and yellow Stegosaurus is soft and squeezable, while sturdy, quality construction and a strong interior structure to keep it standing proudly means it will hold up to years of hugs and snuggling. This dynamic dino stands about 20 inches tall and stretches nearly three feet long! The impressive, prehistoric pal will spark the imagination, promote creative play, and is sure to be a beloved member of any child's menagerie.



Lifelike plush Stegosaurus dinosaur

Boldly colored markings and realistic details

Soft polyester fabric and sturdy interior construction

3+ years