Bow Size is Personal

Meghan Best

You've all heard the saying, "the bigger the bow the better the mama." Don't worry you can be a good mama and not like big bows, I promise. Bow size is personal. Some mamas like small bows and some like big bows. Wherever you fall is fine, as long as it's a Wee Ones Bow. They are the best. They feature the Wee Stay Clip which actually keeps the bow in your precious girl's hair 🙌! Plus, they offer sizes and colors for everyone. We sell the mini, small, mini king, king and huge(in store only) sizes. Mini is perfect for a newborn or a little girl that pulls out a bow if she can feel or see it. I know the second part because I have one of those little girls. Small has become our most popular size and is perfect, in my opinion, for toddlers or to add to a headband for babies. Next is the mini king which is great to test the big bow waters. Then there's king. It's big, but not too big and good for school aged. Last, but definitely not least, is huge. It is as it sounds, huge. It is great for those sassy JoJo loving girls. You might even like multiple sizes for different occasions. My daughter wears a mini to play and a small to dress up. Whatever size bow is right for you, make sure it's a Wee Ones!

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