To Monogram or Not to Monogram?

To Monogram or Not to Monogram?

To Monogram or Not to Monogram? Is that really even a question? My answer is obviously, to monogram! I owned 2 commercial grade embroidery machines before I owned a business,just for my personal use 🤦‍♀️.

The biggest statement you can make with a gift is to have it personalized. It gives it that wow factor when it's opened and it shows the person you really thought about the gift.

Now there is also a saying, "if it's still, monogram it." I'm not saying I entirely disagree, I'm just suggesting that everything doesn't look appropriate with a monogram. I know, I am southern, you can hear it in my voice, but sometimes you shouldn't monogram. If it's going to be too small to notice or in an awkward spot it's probably best not to monogram.

We offer monogramming on all items purchased in our store from single letters to names. We have a wide variety of fonts and thread colors to add that perfect personal touch to make you the envy of all the other gift givers at a party!

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