We love Melissa & Doug Toys!

We love Melissa & Doug Toys!

We started offering Melissa & Doug toys in the Fall of 2017. I had no intention of selling Melissa & Doug in the store and I actually only went to the showroom to see if they had a Beep Beep Car that I could buy for Lily. Lily never did really like the Beep Beep Car, because she had to be still to play with it, but I am so glad I went to look for one that day in Atlanta. 

The showroom is filled with toys and amazing things. I talked with a sales rep, Jessica, whom I now talk with regularly about ideas for the store and ways to improve our offerings. I placed an order for a few items and thought "we will try it." Well, we tried it and it was a huge success. You all love the established line and the fact that you can grab a gift quickly and we will wrap it for you too. 

In 2018, we joined their Play Partner program and have been offering the largest selection of Melissa & Doug in our area and also partnering with the company in their Take Back Childhood Initiative offering joint events. 

If you have never heard of Melissa & Doug, take a peek around the toy selection on the website or stop by the store if you are local. We have items open for play in our play area and we would love to show you a few things. Melissa & Doug offers classic toys that spark imagination and creativity. Check them out, you'll be glad you did!  

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